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Supplier Homepage Product Oral Anabolic Steroid Hormone powder Pharmaceutical Raw Material Oxymetholo (Anadrol) for Sex Product CAS: 434-07-1

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Oxymetholo (Anadrol) for Sex Product CAS: 434-07-1

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Oxymetholo (Anadrol) CAS: 434-07-1
  • Customized: Non-Customized
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Purity: >99%
  • Molecular Formula: C21h32o3
  • Storage: in Cool & Dry Place, Keep Away From Strong Light.
  • The Min Order: 10g
  • Delivery: EMS, DHL, FedEx, Express Courier.
  • Specification: enterprise standard
  • HS Code: 3002904090
  • Powder: Yes
  • Certification: GMP, HSE, ISO 9001, USP, BP
  • State: Solid
  • CAS: 434-07-1
  • Einecs: 207-098-6
  • Usage: Pharmaceutical Material, Steroid Hormone, Anaboli
  • Delivery Time: Within 12hours After Payment
  • Trademark: shuangbojie
  • Origin: China
Product Description
1.The products informations
Quick detail:
CAS ID:434-07-1
Purity:99.31% by HPLC
Melting point:172.0~176.0°C
Air & Water Reactions:Insoluble in water
Appreance:Off-White to Pale Yellow Solid.
Minimum order quantity:10 grams.
Usage:Oxymetholo, commonly known as Anadrol, stacking with other anabolic steroids gives
Dramatic improvements.

Oxymetholo  Description:
Anadrol 50 is the U.S.Brand name for Anadrol, a very potent oral androgen.This compound was first made available in 1960, by the international drug firm Syntex.Since Anadrol is quite reliable in its ability to increase red blood cell production (and effect characteristic of most anabolic/androgenic steroids), it showed great promise in treating cases of severe anemia.It turned out to be well suited for this purpose, and was popular for quite some time.But recent years have brought fourth a number of new treatments, most notably the non-steroidal hormone Epogen.This drug is shown to have a much more direct effect on the red blood cell count, without the side effects of a strong androgen.Syntex stopped in the U.S.In 1993, which was around the same time they decided to drop this item in a number of foreign countries as well.Plenastril from Switzerland and Austria was dropped;Following soon was Oxitosona from Spain.Many Athletes feared Anadrol 50 might be on the way out for good.But new HIV/AIDS studies have shown a new light on Anadrol.These studies are finding (big surprise) exceptional anti-wasting properties to the compound and believe it can be used safely in many such cases.Interest has been peaked, and as of 1998 Anadrol 50 is again being sold in the United States.This time we see the same Anadrol 50 brand name, but the manufacturer is the drug firm Unimed.Syntex continues to market & license this drug in a number of countries however (under a few different brand names).

It is important to note however, that this drug does not directly convert to estrogen in the body.Anadrol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which gives it a structure that cannot be aromatized.As such, many have speculated as to what makes this hormone so troublesome in terms of estrogenic side effects.Some have suggested that it has progestational activity, similar to nandrolone, and is not actually estrogenic at all.Since the obvious side effects of both estrogens and progestins are very similar, this explanation might be a plausible one.However we do find medical studies looking at this possibility.One such tested the progestational activity of various steroids  methandrostenolone, testosterone and Anadrol.It reported no significant progestational effect inherent in Anadrol or methandrostenolone, slight activity with testosterone and strong progestational effect inherent in nandrolone and norethandrolone.With such findings it starts to seem much more likely that Anadrol can intrinsically activate the estrogen receptor itself, similar to but more profoundly than the estrogenic androgen methAndriol.

The principle drawback to Anadrol 50 is that it is a 17alpha alkylated compound.Although this design gives it the ability to withstand oral administration, it can be very stressful to the liver.Anadrol 50 is particularly dubious because we require such a high milligram amount per dosage.The difference is great when comparing it to other oral steroids like Dianabol or Winstrol, which have the same chemical alteration.Since they have a slightly higher affinity for the androgen receptor, they are effective in much smaller doses.Anadrol 50 has a lower affinity, which may be why we have a 50mg tablet dosage.When looking at the medical requirements, the recommended dosage for all ages has been 1 - 5 mg/kg of body weight.This would give a 220lb person a dosage as high as 10 Anadrol 50 tablets (500mg) per day.There should be little wonder why when liver cancer has been linked to steroid use, Anadrol 50 is generally the culprit.Athletes actually never need such a high dosage and will take in the range of only 1-3 tablets per day.Many happily find that one tablet is all they need for exceptional results, and avoid higher amounts.Cautious users will also limit the intake of this compound to no longer than 4-6 weeks and have their liver enzymes checked regularly with a doctor.Kidney functions may also need to be looked after during longer use, as water retention/high blood pressure can take a toll on the body.Before starting a cycle, one should know to give Anadrol 50 the respect it is due.It is a very powerful drug, but not always a friendly one.

When discontinuing Anadrol 50, the crash can be equally powerful.To begin with, the level of water retention will quickly diminish, dropping the user's body weight dramatically.This should be expected, and not of much concern.What is of great concern is restoring endogenous testosterone production.Anadrol 50 will quickly and effectively lower natural levels during a cycle, so HCG and Clomid/Nolvadex are a must when discontinuing a cycle.
Oral Oxymetholo Homebrew Steroids Androl Bulking Cycle Muscle Enhancing Steroids

Oxymetholo, commonly known as Anadrol due to the first manufactured name of the steroid is
Derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is a 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid (17-aa.) The 17-aa
Alteration simply means the steroid has been chemically altered at the 17th carbon position to
Allow it to survive ingestion by surviving the first pass through the liver;Without the 17-aa alteration
The steroid would be destroyed before it ever entered the blood stream.The good news is by
This alteration we are able to absorb a usable and powerful anabolic steroid;The bad news is this
Is toxic to the liver.As most oral steroids are 17-aa the toxic effect can be quite high but as it pertains
To Anadrol this effect is more pronounced making it one of the most liver toxic steroids on the market.

Once oxymetholo enters the body, which is allowed by its 17-aa form it will become active
Very quickly and the effects will be dramatically fast.As we understand anabolic androgenic
Steroids the half-life associated with them largely affects the initial potency;Oxymetholo
Has a very short half-life of approximately 8.5 hours making the steroids activity almost
Instant but with a very short active duration.For this reason many athletes will split their
Oxymetholo dose into two doses per day in order to keep a peak amount of the steroid active in
Their system around the clock during periods of use.However, one dose per day will be enough
To keep an active amount of the steroid functioning in the body, although not at peak levels.

Oxymetholo  Applications:
As a steroid designed to treat weight deficiency and muscle wasting disease this is one of the more
Prominent bulking steroids we can use for a bulking purpose.While many anabolic steroids can
Serve both bulking and cutting purposes most have a primary role and Anadrol makes no exception.
There is one purpose for Anadrol while on a cutting cycle and we will touch on it as we go but for the
Majority of steroid users bulking and only bulking will be the only time they use this steroid.With
Its immense power, Anadrol is one of the most powerful oral steroids ever made, individuals can
See their weight increase by as much as 20-30lbs in a mere few weeks of use as well as see their
Strength shoot through the roof.Further, as this steroid is almost always used as part of a stack
And not alone, due to its low androgen binding characteristics it will allow other steroids you are
Taking to more aptly fill this role and more or less create a higher level of synergy between the various
Anabolic androgenic steroids you are taking.

Oxymetholo Cycles & Doses:
Oxymetholo almost always comes in anadrol 50mg tablets and the most common dose is simply
50mg per day.While 50mg per day will prove to be very effective 100mg per day is not uncommon;
However, 100mg per day will prove to be the most anyone would ever want to take if they desire to
Remain in a responsible realm.It should be noted that Anadrol does not carry the same risk to reward
Ratio most other anabolic steroids do.This risk to reward ratio revolves around the dose and benefits
Of a particular steroid;Meaning, the more you take the greater the results but the more you take the
Greater the risk of potential side-effects.Anadrol has been shown to really taper down in-terms of benefits once doses start going much past 100mg per day and this negative reaction can
Start to occur at doses over only 50mg per day in some individuals.What this means is an extremely
High dose of Anadrol will typically not yield better results than a lower more optimal dose;The only
Effect will be a higher level of liver damage.

Oxymetholo usage:
Anadrol is a powerful androgen since it is derived from dihydrotestosterone.When you take this drug, you will certainly feel an increase in your muscle gains because Anadrol promotes protein synthesis.As you know, this process is responsible for the formation of new muscle tissues.So, when you want to take oral steroids that can effectively bulk up your body, buy Anadrol.When you buy Anadrol, make sure that you are fully aware of its benefits and side effects.These details will help you asses if this drug is the best for you.You will certainly get a lot of advantages with this drug because aside from great muscle mass, it also increases your strength and endurance.

 Oxymetholo  Specifications:

Product name





Melting Point



Specific Rotation

+34~ +38°(C=2,in dioxane)


Loss On Drying

1.0%max in vacuum over P2O5 for 4h


Residual Solvents

Meets the requirements.


Organic Volatile Impurities

Meets the requirements.


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